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In this video I’m going to show you how you can drive away in one of our cars, with no money down in just 4 easy steps in as little as 2 biz days from now if you qualify.


Here’s what I’ve got: I’ve hooked up with Steve who has access to many different motor vehicle lenders. Each lender is different. Some lenders like old people, some like young people, some like old cars, some like new cars. So I need you to help me put together a snapshot of your situation so he can match you to the right lender and get you the cheapest interest rate. See the lenders want to know that 1. if they lend you the money they’ll get paid back, and 2. you can afford your food and rent along with the repayments.


First thing he needs to tell the lender is your family income. They don’t care about the source whether it’s centerlink or from working, they don’t care. So how much income do you have coming in each fortnight?


Second thing is your rent or mortgage repayments. How much do you have going out each fortnight? Is your name on the lease with others? if so, that’s great cos they can see you’re sharing the rent.


Third thing is how many dependant kids you have?


And lastly, do you have any major credit problems? And I’m not talking about minor problems with a telstra dispute from 3 years ago. They’re not worried about that kind of thing. And if you’re not sure, then you’ll likely be fine, because you’d certainly know if the debt collectors were harassing you every day.


And here’s what I want you to do next. If you can just click on the APPLY FINANCE NOW button and you’ll be taken to Steve’s application page. Then follow your nose, fill out the parts as you need to along the way. He’ll get back to you very very quickly with an authoritative quote to let you know all the details on how much it’s gonna be for you.

The service is free, cost you nothing, no obligation, doesn’t upset your credit file or anything like that. It’s just so that you know how much credit you can get to help you get into your new car.



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